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You must be 55+ to qualify for Equity Release.
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Home Reversion Plans

equity-release-compareWith a home reversion plan an investment company will buy all or part of your home (or arrange for someone else to buy it) and you will receive the sale proceeds as a lump sum or regular installments.

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You will receive less than the market value of your home since the buyer cannot sell it until you die or move permanently into long term care. The minimum ages to be eligible for these plans are usually higher than for lifetime mortgages.

In most cases you won’t pay rent or, if you do, it will be for a nominal amount. You may be able to opt to pay a higher rent in return for a larger payout from the sale.

Once the plan is in place, the investment company will be the beneficiary of any rise in value of your home, or any proportion of it if they don’t buy the home outright.

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