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Liverpool Victoria (LV) Equity Release Review

If you are a homeowner aged 55 years and above, equity release allows you to cash in on the value tied to your home while still living in it. A significant advantage is that you will not be required to make any payments until your death or when you and your partner – in case of joint ownership – move into a nursing home.

Equity release can help you enjoy a comfortable retirement by providing you with the cash needed for renovations, house improvement, school fees, or other activities. If you feel equity release may be an option for you, fill in the quotation form above, and you will get a free no-obligation assessment.

By comparing the various providers in the market, you will be in a position to determine the company that best suits your needs. Liverpool Victoria is such a provider, offering pension and retirement, income protection, and life insurance, among other services.

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Liverpool Victoria Equity Release

LV Equity Release provides equity release in the form of lifetime mortgages. Lifetime mortgages allow you to get a loan from your home in the form of either a lump sum or progressive installments. Interest from the loan is rolled over each month and calculated as compound interest. The full loan amount is collected after the death of the youngest member of the contract.

Liverpool Victoria offers lifetime mortgages in two forms; as either a lumpsum mortgage or as a flexible mortgage. With both of these products, you do not have to make any payments in your lifetime. There are, however, some features that allow partial payments, but these could come with early repayment charges.

Lumpsum Lifetime Mortgage

With a lump sum lifetime mortgage, you receive a one-off lump sum with no option for future borrowing. This amount can come in handy when you have a specific expense you need to take care of. For this mortgage, the interest rate is calculated using the agreed interest rate from the date the mortgage starts. It is then added daily to the owed amount and compounded each year until full repayment of the loan.

The minimum amount offered for the lump sum product is £ 10,000.

Flexible Lifetime Mortgage

With the LV Equity release flexible lifetime mortgage option, you will access an initial amount then have the option of setting up a reserve from which you can withdraw in the future as it is needed. With this product, the interest is charged on the initial amount borrowed, then each amount you request will be charged interest separately as per the rates of the time.

The minimum amount you will be allowed to withdraw is £2,000 until the cash reserve amount is reached. Customers are advised not to draw more than once from their reserve for a given calendar year. Also, none of the withdrawals will be charged with additional charges, as all the costs will have been covered upfront.

If you wish to increase the amount in your reserve, you can request revaluations for which you will be charged extra costs.

The maximum amount you can set up as a reserve should be more than three times the initial amount you receive. After the agreement, you will be able to draw from it for a maximum of fifteen years irrespective of the property market and interest rate fluctuations of the time.

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